Atlas is a long-term project of ours, that grows in something better & better daily. Tornum Group, the company behind the project, has on of the most high-end products palette, for the farming industry globally. Atlas is an intelligent app that collects all sorts of different data from their devices, allowing the farmers to have a much easier and precise farming experience. We have created an explanatory video that helps users see and understand the capability of the app, have a look.

Custom Grid System

We created a custom grid system to support the functionalities of the app. Each component has his own space within the system, allowing a fully responsive outcome.

Unique Icon Sets

Two fully custom icon sets were created to allow an easier experience for the user.  The first set consists flat line art icons complementing the simple and slick interface of the app. The second set was specifically tailored to match the actual products from the company’s palette, planed to be presented on a 3D digital preview of the farm.

Complete UX/UI Design

A custom design solution for the user interface & experience including multiple custom components, layouts and functionalities. Multi-level user administration and usage, multiple data presentation & information access. Custom user flows, planners and visual representations of the farms.

Fully Responsive Designs

Our responsive designs allow the users to have a different experience depending on  the device they use, taking in consideration all the different gestures each device allows, make it easy and convenient.

Brand Guidelines &
Digital UX/UI Library

At the end we provide a fully populated digital library available in multiple formats, with all the components, typography styles, colour styles, links & brand guidelines of the app.

Want To Know More

Learn more about the project & the company background.