The Idea Behind

The Team

1 Operations Manager, 1 CRM Manager,
1 Payments Manager, 1 SEO Manager,
1 Game Manager, 1 Marketing Director,
1 Outsourced Dev Team.

The Project

Doggo Casino is the brainchild of experienced marketing & affiliation experts. We had an aim of creating a casino operator with a custom design system that would be very easy to use, fully responsive, and offer a unique & extremely friendly UX/UI experience for each of its users.

In order to make sure our casino was a success, we dedicated some time to plan & design all the marketing campaigns, CRM templates, brand identity & social media for the same, being fully transparent, explanatory & fun in the process.

Setting the Foundation

The Design

A Custom Grid

The grid was build on the principles of the Bootstrap design system. Our custom grid allows a mobile-first approach, making it ultra friendly & easy for the user. The grid uses a simple logic where it starts from 4 columns on mobile, expanding to 6-8 on tablet & 12 columns on desktop. This allows our custom components, sections & layouts to work together in creating a fully responsive product.

A Custom Icon Set

Icons are an important part of any website. They help users navigate and understand the content on a page. We have provided a clean minimalistic design, in order to make the icons easy to understand, perfect for a simple and professional look.

A Mobile-First Design

Most of today’s players prefer to play from their mobile devices, so that was our first focus. The idea behind the design was to keep the users attention always on the homepage, where we simply & neatly organize all the games, while all the rest is organized with a variety of expandable panels, info pop-ups & toast messages leading to a simple, straightforward design that is easy to use and navigate.

Multiple Layout & User Flow Designs

We created a unique and engaging user experience for both the front & the back-end  of the web app.  Created a couple of personas & designed simple & easy user flows (deposit, withdrawal, reset password…). We designed two modes, dark mode representing the live casino games & classic casino environment, while the light was the rest of the games like slots, jackpot games, lottery etc. more bright and playful environment.

Brand Guidelines &
Digital UX/UI Library

At the end we provide a fully populated digital library available in multiple formats, with all the components, typography styles, colour styles, links & brand guidelines of the app.

Want To Know More

Learn more about the project & the company background.