The Logo

A one of a kind logo piece produced with a lot of research, creative thinking & symbolic included. This logo is just a beginning of great story about a local coffee shop in Key West, Florida. The shop distinguishes itself from the rest with its organic friendly approach with addition of a artsy spirit, promoting local artists of all kinds.

The Brand Identity

The Koffie House branding consists of many symbolics & meanings that have huge impact of the local community.  We created a branding envisioned & designed to be used on fully recyclable materials, to match the vision of the coffee shop itself. From corporate to packaging designs, everything tailor designed for our client, organic friendly first.

The Krafty Icons

A unique set of icons, each representing a specific live species from the local flora & fauna in Key West. The icons alone & combined create multiple art variations & patterns all becoming part of the shop identity.

The Posts & Promos

Designs for multiple events, social campaigns & promos.

The Templates

A variety of digital templates for the client to reuse, and keep a consistent branding throughout their campaigns.

The Website

A digital presentation of The Koffie House & its team, and what they proudly stand dor.  A fully responsive composition following the latest trends & standards.