Gabor Vajda

Gabor Vajda 200 200 lazarov

It is extremely difficult to find really reliable and professional designer, you can count on. Zlatko is definetly one of them. Whenever I needed web or design work, he always delivered, never missed a deadline. Working with him always a pleasure.

Jani Peteri

Jani Peteri 200 200 lazarov

Zlatko has showed great creativity and excellent skills in all the design tools that are needed to perform his daily tasks that has been everything from creating new brands, videos/animation, developing web sites, to production of designs. Besides his brilliant designer skills, he also is a team player that is always there to help others with a yes-can-do approach. A problem solver!

Stojan Stamkov

Stojan Stamkov 450 450 lazarov
Working with Zlatko & the team is pure joy. The experience and positive energy he brings in every discussion is invaluable. Having high work standards, as he has, and being pragmatic at the same time, is something I like the most.